Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cali up North

A couple days ago I headed still further North to Arcata. I set up my Starship in a public seating area near the center of town and had been painting about 5 mins when I met this guy Joe. Turns out he runs a couple of taco stands and is about to open a restaurant. He wants to see my work so he asks me to paint his sign as a freebee...

He likes the free sample and hires me to paint his truck the next morning. I finished my Arcata piece....

then saw UP (which was fresh) and caught reggae singer Bushman with opening act Soulflower on the late night.

After a couple hours sleep I met up with Joe and his wife at their soon to be restaurant, and I was touched by their success (family business, ya know?) and support of my skills.

Such a cool experience...


  1. Yako that is so great! You are leaving your mark all over cali!