Thursday, June 25, 2009

Washington State

On my way from Oregon I stopped for a night in Olympia WA and checked out the nature on the campus of Evergreen College. Kind of a mystical mossy evergreen/fern forest...

Thanks to Marco, Lolita, and Rowan for hosting me there.

I then continued to Seattle where it got a bit more urban. Many thanks to Alex, Rita, Reyna, Maria, Ani, and VC for the hospitality. As I was wandering the city I saw this mural in action and introduced myself to the artist, who wrote Wierdo.

He had an insane photo-realistic style with spraycans, and he was cool enough to point me in the direction of the local "walk up" wall AKA permission spot. So I went and painted this:

[Click the pic to enlarge]

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  1. This is just plain awesome work... bravo Yako! day 441