Monday, June 15, 2009

Wait 'til you see the video...

Had an amazing day so far with my Oakland based peer Marlene White... we did a collaborative painting on the Hip Hop Dub Starship board, which she's editing video for right now... will try to get that up later today or tomorrow.
Here's a sample:

To watch the finished video click here

I also have to shout out Youssoupha Sidibe again for hosting me in Santa Cruz (we've got the bulk of an instrumental Kora Dub album recorded) and at the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa CA. He had a great guest spot with Matisyahu...

It was also a pleasant surprise to see Bad Brains destroy the stage while the punks destroyed the mosh pit, but the Bad Brains would cool everyone out with some HEAVY dub tracks. The perfect balance...

More art, music, and vibes soon!

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